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Visual Arts Standards

Visual arts standards are guidelines established by educational institutions to ensure that students receive a comprehensive education in the visual arts. These standards outline the skills and knowledge that students should acquire at each grade level, as well as the objectives and goals for each level of instruction.

History of art

Visual arts standards cover a wide range of topics, including the elements of art and principles of design, art history, and various techniques and media used in creating visual art. They provide a roadmap for educators to follow as they develop curriculum and lesson plans, and help ensure that all students receive a high-quality education in the visual arts.

Building on Skills

We find students of all abilities have had some sort of experience with drawing and painting, building on the skills they have had, we can forge ahead expanding and exploring other areas of art: such as sculpture, ceramics, weaving, surface design, quilting, stitchery and many other areas. Making connections with other courses and activities your students could be involved in.