World of Art Teacher

After being interviewed for an Art position, I was asked by a prospective Art Teacher, my thoughts on what they were asked during their interview.                                                      "What will you teach?"


 I shared my immediate thoughts: If the Corporation has a Curriculum you will follow it, if you get to create your own Curriculum, then I too, ask the question.


                     What do you plan to teach besides drawing and painting?




                                                                                after a pause …

                                  Drawing and Painting-That's what i feel comfortable teaching.



                                                         We all agree these areas are the foundation for other areas of art.
                    We will be using drawing/painting as a foundation for new skills and techniques for student creations,                          
                                                   the doors to the "World of Art" will be opening opportunities for life long learners.


                               Being a Teacher is not an easy path to follow, it's a rewarding path, that can also be a hard and stressful one.
                      By joining World of Art Teacher, I hope to share from my years of experience, lessons, ideas and routines, that help to 
                      ease pressure and stress one feels, when juggling the requirements, that become part of their teaching assignments.



Why us?

42+ years of classroom experience to share with you!

Trained as a Mentor in Traditional and Project Based School Envirnoment

As the year goes by you will be creating a  portfolio of samples, ideas and  notes to continue to build on.

Ways to save you time and help streamline your day!